marathon teaser

Grr . . . My post on my half marathon is almost finished. Almost. But, as I’ve been working on it for several hours now and have to work in the morning, I’ll have to leave you with this teaser for now.

This is me and a lovely Asian woman on the last stretch of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco last Sunday. I’m giving it my all, and . . . Well, for a laugh, just compare the looks on our faces!

I can do this!

She is having way too much fun! (I was hurting at this point . . .)


Image: Mine and Nike’s

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41 thoughts on “marathon teaser

  1. Dan McGaffin says:

    You are such a tease.

  2. I just want to know what you’re listening to. Love the expressions.

    • Jessica says:

      I can’t even remember, Sreejit! I listened to several songs over and over and over again throughout the run. By this point, the music made no difference. All I could think about were my feet — and getting across the finish line as fast as I could. I had no idea there was a photographer present, though clearly he must have been *right* there!

  3. Me, I would have had that look about thirty seconds into the thing…and then died about thirty seconds after that…

    MY last stretch would have been the hammy I pulled on the way TO the race.

  4. Go Go Go 27557! I don’t know if you noticed or not, but in that picture you are actually flying with both feet off the ground. It appears you have ‘grace’ in most everything you do! You look super fit! Congratualtions again!

    • Jessica says:

      Aww, thank you, Andy. I actually think I look quite contorted in this pic. I was pretty worn out at the end and had apparently lost all semblance of correct running form and posture. But, oh well. I did it! And that’s what counts.

      Thanks for your continued support! Hope you’re having a great day. :)

  5. Vincent Mars says:

    I think that if you throw away those glasses and the phone or whatever it is you are holding and dump the earphones too you will be a few grams lighter and survive a few more steps. :D

    • Jessica says:

      I survived, anyway, dear Vincent. I finished the race with glasses and headphones and all, and really, I wouldn’t have made it without the headphones. A lovely tune can go a long way to distract the mind from the aches of the body!

      Next year I’ll probably ditch the extra layers along the side of the road, though, rather than tying them around my waist. Fussing with that just added to my time!

  6. Sofia says:

    Ha! My face would have the same expression as yours, not like hers :)

    • Jessica says:

      Hehe. Well, what you can’t see in this pic was that I was really pushing myself while she was taking it a bit easier. If I’d have let up a bit, too, I’m sure my face would have looked a bit different. But I was intent on getting across that finish line!

  7. haha. love the expression. you are allowed to bear that expression because well.. you don’t even have 2 feet on the ground. you’re soaring! sorta? =)

    • Jessica says:

      hehe. you’re so kind. i *was* running — fast! if that counts for anything… also, i’m *so* sorry, sophia. i am so behind on your posts. i’ll catch up soon! hope you’re having a great week! :)

      • ahahha. i like the emphasis on “was” running fast…
        it’s all good! your slowest run is probably faster than i’ll ever run!

        no no.. no apology needed. there is no required reading for blogs.. *.* i’m thankful to have met you as a blogging friend and for all the encouragement thus far. for every post you do read, i’m forever thankful. i have enjoyed each of your posts just the same. =)

      • Jessica says:

        you’re the best, sophia! blessings to you!!!

  8. Reyn says:

    Good job Jess. I suppose you’re my reminder that I can and need to will through a marathon. Looking forward to the post.

    • Jessica says:

      It’s coming! Tomorrow. Too tired to finish it tonight. And you totally can do a marathon, Reyn… Maybe someday I’ll do one, too.

      Wonderful to hear from you. :)

  9. Bupe Rose says:

    Ha! Cool that you can laugh at yourself. But congrats girl for!! Looking forward to the deconstruction of your race.

  10. Chuda says:

    Jessi, Thanks for your post . U are amazing xD ;) I have not thought that you are this much crazy of sport ^^ But very nice from you :) :)

  11. WOOHOO Jessica!! :D
    I’m so proud of you, this must have felt amazing ~ you look so strong and determined!

  12. MikeW says:

    Way to go! That’s a lot of steps. When I see someone smiling in a situation like that, I always remember Tour Guide Barbie in Toy Story 2 during the outtakes. “I’m so exhausted! All this smiling.” Many could interpret your look as the James Dean finish line approach toward the run. “Eh, hurts a little. So what. What else ya got?”

  13. Lawrence says:

    “relax your shoulders!” – the coach

    there you go, tossin your clothes in the bushes again, haha!

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